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My name is Yumi from Taiwan. When I visited Japan for sightseeing, I became interested in the traditional building of Kyo-Machiya, and since then I have been studying the future of Kyo-Machiya at universities and graduate schools. I have lived in Kyoto for 12 years now.

Started to take care of declining townhouses with my own power. In 2015, we renovated the Kyo-Machiya in 1935 as Building No. 1 and started operation under the name Gojo Miyabi Inn.

Then, in 2018, I met a property that was built in Meiji 45. To avoid this chance, I signed a 15-year regular lease and prepared with my best friend to open a business as Nanajo Miyabi Inn.

Kyo-Machiya is a living and business that is made with the wisdom of a predecessor. It has not only a sophisticated appearance but also a high performance as a house with a humidity adjustment function. In addition, it is a wonderful building that can calm your mind if you look at the garden from the edge.

However, in response to growing inbound demand three to four years ago, hotels were opened one after another, and the Kyo-Machiya were demolished and become hotel lands almost daily. Once a townhouse is crushed, it cannot be returned twice, I want to preserve the townhouse by my own power

However, preserving a Kyo-Machiya takes many times more work than a modern house.

In the case of the lodging business, we would like our customers to experience the appeal of Kyo-Machiya, and think that the profits obtained will be used for repairing Kyo-Machiya, and the inn that has become shaped is Gojo Miyabi Inn

and Nanajo Miyabi Inn

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